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Disc Dog at DogStar!

DogStar is getting ready to host our very first UpDog Challenge! Join us at DogStar Farm in High Springs, FL June 3rd and 4th. 

Saturday pm: 6 pm -
Throw & Go (short field)
4-Way Play

Sunday am: 8 am -
Time Warp
Spaced Out
Seven-Up (short field) 

We will be playing on a 110'x120' manicured/packed sand/dirt arena. There is plenty of shade for parking, ample space for dogs, and hoses and pools to keep dogs cool. We will be playing under the lights on Saturday evening and in the shade on Sunday morning.

Please feel free to contact Bridget with any site questions.

"Day of show" entries $15 per class. Please arrive no later than thirty minutes before play to register.

To learn more about "UpDog Challenge", the coolest disc dog venue around click HERE.

If you are planning to enter day of click HERE for event info.

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