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Coming Soon! New Agility Equipment

Part of having a business is always putting back into the business. This fall we have several new tunnels, non-slip from Galican headed our way. With the sand arena the old tunnels were just a little more slippery than I was comfortable with. Lots of new tunnel bags and tunnel huggers will be joining the new tunnels. In November, after the US Open we'll also be welcoming an army of new jumps. My hope is to keep improving and adding new pieces each year as well as constantly making sure the equipment we have is safe and well-maintained. We're also trying to get more color coordinated.... purple, teal, black, white, and grey! Consider trying out our new equipment at DogStar Farm for lessons, classes, workshops, UKI agility trials, seminars and more! Our 2023/24 season begins in October.

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