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I'm a dog nerd!

I absolutely adore dogs, animal training, and the science behind it all. My goal at DogStar is to provide humans and their canine besties a place to bond and have a great time doing something they can both enjoy together. 

I have traveled all over the country teaching, and competing successfully at the highest levels of agility. I enjoy introducing new teams to the sport I've enjoyed for so many years just as much as I love coaching experienced agility teams chasing their goals. DogStar offers positive reinforcement training for all levels of agility. Above all, DogStar is a place for dogs and their people. 

DogStar Farm in High Springs, Florida is a fifteen acre farmette with a fenced 110x120' manicured dirt/sand arena with lights for evening training and plenty of shade and space to play with your pup.


Agility Classes

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Bridget is a fabulous coach to even the most challenging teams. I'm constantly impressed by her patience, clear communication and ability to adapt her style to what each dog and handler needs. The best part is she manages to strike the right balance of challenge and fun. I leave each class feeling like it was time well spent.

- Jan Collins & the Swissies

Is your dog living its best life?


Bridget is a gifted and dedicated trainer. She obviously loves the training process, pulls from her many years of experience to meet each student where they are and support them as they strive to be the best teammates possible. She's also just a great person and has had the patience of a saint with my young, very enthusiastic and excitable boy. I'm so very thrilled she moved to the area and driving 4 hours round trip for a lesson is well worth it.

- Terry Abell and Tyko

Adding a puppy to your family?


Each and every Group Class, Workshop or Private lesson that my young Sheltie Hopper and I have attended at Bridget’s Dog Star Farm has not only helped us begin to really come together as a Team but makes the process FUN! Bridget’s vast experience and knowledge of MANY types of dogs as well as handlers from Novice thru International makes her a versatile and great asset to agility teams no matter what the level or type of dog you have. And this would not be complete without mentioning that the “senior agility faction” here in Florida is eternally and forever grateful for her understanding and patience!!

Bridget’s facility in Alachua has a beautiful, relaxing, peaceful atmosphere where you can view birds overhead and horses grazing nearby.

- Linda Bridges, Hopper and Luke

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DogStar Farm
24518 NW 110th Avenue
Alachua FL 32615

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