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DogStar Day Camp

Looking for an “experience” for your pup that is not your ordinary daycare? Send your pup to camp for the day at DogStar Farm where he/she will spend the day running, playing, swimming, napping, and cavorting with the rest of my pack.

Looking for some basic training, puppy training, manners, etc. or maybe some supplemental agility training? Have a conformation dog that is looking for a side gig as an agility dog? We can work on agility, scent work, fitness and conditioning, disc, or even trick training. All training sessions are video recorded for owners and sent along with a recap of the training session. Ask about our training packages.


Does your pup need a lift to day camp? Limited transportation available. Ask about our pick-up/drop-off services.


Please contact Bridget for available dates. Spots are *very* limited.

If I do not already know your dog you will need to come out for a free “meet and greet” prior to signing up for day camp so that we can make sure we are a good fit for your pup.

Dogs must have proof of vaccinations or titers, and have no dog or human aggression issues.

Looking for a great agility instructor,,,,,, here she is! An experienced agility competitor at the highest level , Bridget’s accomplishments are impressive and ongoing. Bridget believes in order to develop an excellent agility dog, a strong foundation is a must and she teaches to that end. She is experienced in training many different dog breeds and personality types. Likewise, she is flexible in her teaching methods, choosing what works best for each particular dog and handler. Did I mention what a pleasure it is to train at Dog Star Farm? A truly beautiful site, under the shade of mature live oak trees. We are so lucky that Bridget has moved to our North Central Florida area.

- Ellen Powers and Rayzr


DogStar’s Best Friend

Adding a new furry family member? Let me help you…
- Pick the right puppy/breed/etc.
- Prepare for your pup’s homecoming and first few weeks with you.
My goal is to see the right pup with the right family, and to make sure that puppy gets to stay in its new home and live the best life possible. Choosing the perfect new family member isn’t easy, so let me help you. With over twenty-five years of experience raising, training and owning dogs of numerous breeds, sizes and types allows me to help you select the right pup for your family’s lifestyle.

Complimentary with the purchase of one of our “DogStar Puppy Headstart” programs


DogStar Puppy Headstart

Embark on puppy’s training and education (for pups ten weeks to five months)
Send your pup to DogStar Farm for days of play and education. Your pup will spend the day receiving one on one attention, rotating between enrichment and education, play and rest. Your puppy will receive age-appropriate training, outings, and social interactions with other appropriate dogs and people. Puppies will receive basic manners and husbandry training. They can also be started with sports foundations such as agility, scent work, etc.

I have trained with Bridget in agility and have also done several of her online groups/classes. She's a great dog trainer who knows how to translate her knowledge to help each individual team grow and get better and better. In agility, she has pushed me past my comfort zone and my dog and I have developed very strong skills and confidence in our team.

Her Circus Pup online training group is my newest's just FUN!!! And it keeps me busy with my dog daily. Bridget posts instructional videos/explantations/demos and you practice and post videos of your progress ... she helps out as needed to perfect your training. It's great clicker training practice too.

100% Recommend.

- Anne Beach, Nell & Flossie

Life Skills & Manners

Life Skills

We offer several different packages for general training, including day training, private lessons, and very limited board and train options. Please contact Bridget for more information.

We do not currently offer basic obedience group classes. 

If you are having an issue with your dog that we cannot help with we are more than happy to refer you to someone who can. 

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