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Events at DogStar Farm

Where dogs go to have fun!

We hope to keep adding more and more fun things for you and your dog to do at DogStar. We are excited to host our first international agility presenter and our first UKI trial. Ideally we will host a UKI trial in October, November, December and January of 2023/2024, and who knows who will be coming to DogStar next. 

UKI agility at DogStar Farm

We are looking forward to hosting our very first UKI agility trial at DogStar Farm on Saturday, January 14th. Judge Alex Schcolnik is going to design some fun and challenging courses!

For more info on UKI agility or to enter our trial click HERE.


Anastasia Egorova at DogStar

We are super excited to host Anastasia Egorova for three days of seminars, February 14th-16th. Anastasia is a fierce competitor and a gifted, young trainer. Please click HERE for more information or contact Bridget.

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