2019 UKI US Open National Champions, Bridget and Grape!!

We just returned from the UKI US Open in Jacksonville, Florida, one of our very favorite events of the year. The “crew” works so hard to make this a great event and it shows. Things run so smoothly, yet everything feels super relaxed and fun. Even the music is great. The courses are SO MUCH FUN, The competition is great and it is so much fun to push yourself and see everyone going for it on every run! If you have the chance, GO.

My little dog continues to amaze me. At only three years old she handles like a pro. Fourteen runs….

  • Not a single bar down
  • One poorly executed blind cross by the human
  • One contact call on a see saw
  • One missed weave entry, along with about 95% of the teams, again,
    handlers fault
  • Two E’s, one on the last jump and one on the second to last jump
  • Only through number five in Snooker, as there was a lot of arguing about
    that one. Someone thought my plan was bad…

We made Speedstakes finals, and to top it all off we won the biggie, the grand finale! Grape is the 16″ UKI US Open National Champion!! Here’s our winning run…



You can head to my YouTube channel to see the rest of our runs from the weekend.